iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs

US iMustech Inc
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs
US iMustech Inc - Perfect for accurate erasing and heightlight the picture. The corners of the rubber erasers can be used to remove small marks and details, drawing, no paper tears and no ghosting fit for sketching, while the flat surface is ideal for erasing large areas. Not easy to slip off while wiping your graphic design.
Environmental material - using the latex-free eraser you can cleanly erase lines, and other unwanted pencil marks, smears, all while creating minimal eraser dust. Extensive usage - no smudges, writing and more. Different shapes - there are 4 different shapes white sketch erasers, rhombic and pebble, elliptic, which provides edges and large flat surface areas for erasing and cleaning graphite, triangular, charcoal and more sketch work.
Non-slip grip design - our high light erasers with concave spiral shape grip design are fit comfortably in your hand. The latex- and pVC-free design reduce smudging for clean-looking results. Package - package contains 8 imustech white pencil erasers with 4 different styles, 2 pcs of each style, which meet your different demands.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Imustech white rubber erasers, smear resistant, 8-pack feature: latex-free, non-smudge, tear resistant easy to hold for gentle erasing on fine paper   What will you get? 2 * Triangular Erasers 2 * Elliptic Erasers  2 * Rhombic Erasers 2 * Pebble Erasers  Quality Guarantee: We believe our art eraser set will meet and exceed your expectations.
Full refund or replacement is available if you are not 100% satisfied.
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Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser Replaces Gum Rubber Vinyl and Kneaded Erasers - Individual
Acurit 4336950576 - Measuring 2 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/4", it's easy to get a good grip on the Vanish Eraser, or you can slice it into neat wafers to get into tight spots with a clean corner. Erase graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels and more with The Vanish Eraser from Acurit. Instead of making crumbs the Vanish rolls with the stroke leaving one a nice clean strip at the end.
Doesn't damage expensive paper, doesn't smear graphite and can even erase lines under ink. A great blender for charcoal and pastels or to tidy up colored pencil work without leaving a mess. Single vanish eraser | measures 2. 5" x. 75" x. 75". Use it to clean up sketches without smearing, only a clean roll at the end latex-free! won't smear graphite won't damage expensive paper Perfect For: Replacing gum erasers Drawing, as a blender for charcoal and pastels, to erase lines under ink work, to tidy up colored pencil work � everything you want and need from an eraser is available in the new Vanish Eraser: your one and only! Key Features: No mess, easy clean up Leaves no crumbs, illustration and more Easy shaping to a point Great as a blender Lifting pastels from the ground.
Strong enough to erase sharp graphite lines from hard papers, it cleans up after itself! Instead of creating piles of crumbs for every line erased, the Vanish rolls with the stroke, the Vanish Eraser not only cleans the paper, but gentle enough to remove charcoal strokes from soft papers, leaving only a nice clean strip at the end.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - This revolutionary new eraser from acurit replaces the entire series of traditional erasers! The Vanish 4 in 1 Eraser has a unique, colored pencil to pastels! You no longer need a box full of erasers for one drawing: the Vanish replaces gum erasers, hard rubber erasers, vinyl erasers, flexible composition that can erase anything from graphite to charcoal, even soft kneaded erasers.
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Faber Castell
Drawing Art kneaded Erasers, Large size Grey - Faber-Castell Erasers - 4 Pack
Faber Castell 04821000920 - iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - These putty eraser comes with storage plastic case for easy storage after use. For correcting and lightening charcoal, pencil and pastel work. Art eraser kneaded : sold in Pack of 4 Kneaded Eraser pack - Grey Color. Faber castell kneadable eraser - The perfect drawing eraser choice for artists, sketch pencils, drawing supplies.
An eraser that is extremely kneadable and absorbent. A must have tools for drawing and artist works. Size : large. For cleaning slides and final drawing touch up.
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Sketch Drawing Tools, AGPTEK 16 Blending Stumps Set with 2 Sandpaper Pencil Sharpeners, 1 Pencil Extension Tool, 2 Erasers & 1 Felt Bag for Student Sketch Drawing Accessories
AGPTEK - It's no doubt an essential sketching tool for you. Different painting effects creation: The blending stump have multiple use of creating different types of painting effects like soften the line, blend diverse colors, create shadows and attain blur effect. With this essential sketching and cleaning tools, blending, graphite, it brings you a great help to your painting.
Therefore, it won't damage your paintings in this way. Versatile blending stumps: this blending stump not only can soften the lines and mix colors, but also it can create shadows and achieve hazy view effect. Good choice as gift: the complete set of blending stumps is widely used in smudging, graphite, smoothing pastel, charcoal, chalk or pencil artwork.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Package inclusion: the package we offer includes 16 pieces of blending stumps, 2 kneaded erasers, #7 and #8, #6, #3, the sizes are #1, #4, two pieces for each size; 2 sandpaper sharpen pads blocks, #2, #5, 1 pencil extension tool and 1 felt bag. Premium-grade material: these blending stumps are made of high quality soft compressed gray paper, which can be easily sharpened with sandpaper sharpen pads blocks and you use a napkin to wipe it away.
You can draw some textures and graphic patterns in the thinner area of painting, or you can add some dim and soft effect to your paintings. Feature: premium-grade material versatile blending stumps great help for your painting perfect Sketching Tools Different Painting Effects Creation Good Choice as Gift Package: 16 * Blending Stumps 2 * Sandpaper Sharpen Pads Blocks 2 * Kneaded Erasers 1 * Pencil Extension Tool 1 * Felt Bag.
It's also applicable to the parts of shadow and blending created by artists and thereby, providing you a good experience in painting.
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Pixiss Artist Proportional Divider Drawing Tool for Artists, Professional Compass Caliper Scale Divider Drawing Supplies, Drafting Tools, Projector or Camera Lucida Alternative - with Guide and Case
Pixiss - Comes with detailed online instructions on how to use the proportional divider. Artists no longer need to approximate proportions and landmarks, and The Pixiss Proportional Divider makes sure of that at a fraction of the $100 or higher price tag of high end dividers. This tool will not transform you into a professional artist, but it is a tool to help you along your path at becoming one.
Easy to use. This art tool allows you to accurately transfer an object with the same scale. This is the perfect alternative to art projecting, gridding, or pencil measurement. This product is great for artists who are just beginning and useful for more experienced artists. Increase, decrease or measure the size of a subject to draw.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Adjustable - the pixiss proportional divider for artists is an adjustable caliper tool from 1:1 to 5:1 scale for maximum flexibility. The divider is made of plastic, but is fairly sturdy and has precise points for accurate measurements. Compare to the lucy drawing tool. Comes with usage guide and case. Drawing compass - use the scale proportion divider as a lightweight drawing compass, caliper tool, drafting compass or architect scale for perspective drawing and drafting supplies.
Artist proportional divider - getting proportions and perspective correct in a drawing or painting - Students, classes, workshops - A simple tool that maintains precise proportions - Still life and landscape paintings to scale up or down to fit canvas size.
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17 Pcs Blending Stumps and Tortillions Set with 2Pcs Sketch Sandpaper Pencil Sharpener Pointer and one Pencil Extension Tool Drawing Art Kneaded Eraser for Student Sketch Drawing Set by VENCINK
VENCINK 4336945470 - This allows the artist to blend, then sharpen the drawing with pencil line and erased highlights. Keep the stumps pointed by sharpening them with a sanding block. Kneaded rubber eraser - molds into any shape, perfect for pencils, charcoal and chalk, stay surfaces smooth and bright, also for shading and blending for artist.
Multiple functional - drawing blending tool set is suitable for smudging, chalk and pencil artwork, charcoal, blending or smoothing pastel, a good gift for painters and painting lovers. Wide application - stumps and tortillions sticks not only can draw pttern and texture, but also can create a hazy effect or use as paintbrush, good for your sketch drawing.
This 12 sheets of sandpaper pencil pointer can make your charcoal, pencils or your stumps and tortillions sharpen, it's useful tool for artist drawing. Different sizes - blending stumps set assorted size: #1, #3, #6, #7, each size 1 pc; tortillion set size: #1, #2, #4, #2, #3, #8, pastels, each size 3 pcs;This charcoal blending stumps and tortillion set can be sharpened by sandpaper blocks.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Use them for blending pencil, #5, and charcoal. To clean it, use a sandpaper sharpener or pointer designed for pencils and similar art supplies. Tortillion set size: #1, #2, #3. A must have tool - sketch drawing tool set is a good choice to make better drawing and a good gift for children, artists, students, learners, sketch drawing beginners, etc.
It gives you more control of your drawing and allows you to soften lines or smudge shaded areas as you see fit.
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Assorted Colors 12 Packs - Drawing Kneaded Erasers for Artists
PUTOTE - An eraser that is extremely absorbent and pliable, Great kneaded rubber erasers choice for your drawing supplies. A must-have tool for artist drawing works. To lighten and remove charcoal, sketch pencil and pastel marks and no smudge left. Product details: eco-friendly material  12-pack with a large reusable case Packaged in a foam bag to protect the item Made for charcoal, pencil and pastel works  Excellent absorbency, Easy to knead Dimensions: 1.
53” x 1. 45” x 039” each kneadable erasers, made of putty rubber and sold in bulk for convenience. Also useful for kids exploring how colors mix. Advanced absorbency and easy to knead  So you are ready to find the right rubber for your drawings? you’ve come to the right place. These moldable erasers can be kneaded into any shape to better fit your hands or as a clay eraser to sculpt with.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - It contains multiple colors so you can knead them together to have any color slime eraser you want. We have manufactured professional eraser products for more than 10 years and this professional kneaded eraser is great for fixing charcoal pencil and pastel drawing mistakes. With the advanced package process, we make it easy to unwrap and quick to use.
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Bellofy 20 Sketching Pencils - Shading Pencils, Drawing and Art Supplies, Sketching Set - Complete Professional Graphite Pencil Set for Sketch Drawing - 9B to 9H Art Travel Set for Adults and Kids
Bellofy - We guarantee you'll love them, but just in case you won't, we'll refund your money 100% - no questions asked! Complete professional artist sketching pencil set with travel tin - 20 graphite drawing pencils for artists kit including every color you need - 9b, 6H, 2H, 4b, 7h, 7b, 5H, h, 4H, 3H, 8h, B, 8b, 6b, HB, 5B, f, 2b, 3B, 9H - making this drawing kit the perfect match if you are looking for high quality art supplies for artists.
Unmatched blending capability, even color laydown & enhanced control - erases clean: crafted from the finest basswood, these artist pencils for sketching contain EVENLY DISTRIBUTED GRAPHITE resulting in a LONGER LASTING POINT that resists cracking and chipping. Versatile, convenient, a hexagonal shape that prevents rolling off the table, comfortable & ultra-durable: with a 0.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - 7 cm comfortgrip that allows you to comfortably draw for hours without chaffing or finger calluses, and a CONVENIENT CARRYING TIN that makes it easy for artists on the go to create anywhere. Revolutionary straight-n- centered lead technology ensures your gray & black colored pencils sharpen easily without breaking making this drawing pencils set the perfect gift for the BEGINNER ARTIST and artists looking to take their SHADING & SKETCHING to a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.
100% satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back. Your happiness comes first so we set out to create the best art supplies for drawing - and customer say we've achieved it. You can feel confident adding these 20 sketching pencils to your cart today.
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US Art Supply 10 Piece Artist Blending Stump and Tortillion Art Blenders - Pencil, Charcoal, Graphite, Colored Pencils
US Art Supply ST-010 - Can be re-pointed with sandpap block. Blending stump sizes: #1, #5 - tortillion sizes: #1, #2, #3, #4, #2, #1, #3, #2, #4. Crafted with high quality paper felt. Double ended Stumps and Pointed Tortillions. For use with all charcoals, graphite, pastels and colored pencils.
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LEOBRO 11 Pieces Artist Blending Stump and Tortillion Art Blender Set with 1 Pcs Sandpaper Pencil Sharpener Pointer for Student Sketch Drawing
LEOBRO - Durable and not bend easily, a good gift for painters and painting lovers. Sandpaper pencil sharpener: sharpen the tip while cleaning the pen, pointing pencils. Easy to use, can be used for pastel stumps and tortillions, a must tool for sketch drawing. Multiple size: diffrents sizes can meet your desire of painting, allows you to blend even the most detailed area as well as a large area.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Multifunctional tools: perfect for sketch drawing to soften lines, create shadows and dark areas, make hazy effect, mix colors, add a dim or soft effect to your drawings. Package includes: 8 x paper blending stumps 3 x tortillion art blenders 1 x sandpaper pencil sharpener Quantity: the package includes 8 pcs blending stumps#1, #5, #7, #2, #3, #6, 3pcs Tortillion Art Blenders#1, #8, #3, #2, #4, and 1pcs sandpaper pencil pointer.
Blending stump and tortillion art blenders: crafted with soft compressed paper & rolled paper, smooth surface look like a paper pencil.
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12 Pieces Drawing Pencils 10B, 8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, 2H, 4H, 6H Graphite Pencils for Beginners & Pro Artists - Professional Drawing Sketching Pencil Set
Dyvicl 4336949086 - Our high quality, hexagonal shape is super lightweight and textured, producing smooth marks that erase well, and do not break off when you're drawing. We confidently back our product with a 100% Satisfaction, no hassle, money-back guarantee. Perfect for budding artists and amateurs of all ages looking to develop their drawing skills.
Includes 12 pre sharpened professional quality graphite pencils 6H, 5B, HB, 4B, 4H, B, 6B, 8B, 3B, 2H, 2B, 10B. Premium quality - the pencils are a sturdy hexagonal shape. Hexagonal barrels fit standard sharpeners. It makes an excellent gift option for the artist in your life. Ideal for art supplies, shading pencil, sketch book, artist pencil, sketch pad, drawing supplies, school supplies.
iMustech Erasers Premium Vinyl Eraser,White Pencil Erasers for Artists and Kids Latex-Free Art Drawing Erasers with Grip Erasers Bulk for School 8 Packs - Having a strong core allows for wonderful coverage and minimizes the amount of broken points. Great for any level of artist, graphic designers, kids. A wide variety of hardness for all your artwork needs. Ideal for photorealistic drawings, illustrations, and sketches. Endless possibilities - ideal for drawing, sketching and doodling.
Dyvicl 12-piece graphite sketching pencil SetThis set of archival quality drawing pencils composed of high quality graphite that enables both broad strokes and precise lines and are encased in lightweight and durable basswood.
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