Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA

Barb The Builder
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA
Barb The Builder BTB1ST2018 - What are you using it for? Usa certified hot glue gun professional grade, dual temperature Full Size Glue Gun Made For Small Hands Full Size Features In An Easy To Use, Lightweight Glue Gun. Would you give up the safety certification to save money? no way! our gun is reliable and safe for your family and home !!!USA Safety Certified UL Listed E231647!!!
2-finger easy-squeeze trigger automatically feeds the glue so you can stop wishing for another set of hands. Stop wasting glue and dealing with a constant stringy mess the adjustable dual temperature 140c - 180c lets you control the flow rate and how fast you work so you can linger with your creativity, or whip through that to-do list at superhero speed.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Get all the features you want in a lightweight glue gun that's easy to work with - let us know if you find other ways to use this great little gun besides on wood, leather, jewelry, glass, arts & crafts, frames, ceramics, quick household repair, fabric, carton sealing, Christmas decorations, woodworking, metal, circuit board building for technicians, plastic, DIY projects, paper, lino, small handyman jobs, decorations, magnets, upholstery, tile, school projects.
Gets the job done fast with super quick 3-5min heat up - powerful enough for heavy-duty projects but light-weight so your hands don't cramp up and leave you a gnarled mess. Easy to use & made for small hands - stop messing around with tiny glue guns that are way too small, or the large guns that are heavy and hard to control.
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Ad-Tech 14ZIP50 Multi Temp Glue Stick 4 x 0.44-Inch, Pack of 50
AdTech W220-14ZIP50 - Size: 4 x 044 -inch. It is non-toxic product. For all your creative, home decor and repair projects. Aztec multi-temp full size glue sticks for crafting, diy, and home repair/50-count/Item #220-14ZIP50 America's most popular hot melt glue stick! Aztec's Multi-Temp formula is trusted by crafters and Dyers more than any other glue stick.
Use this multi-temp formula in your high or low-temp glue gun and expect superior results!    Full-size 044” diameter—compatible with most full-size glue guns    50-count bag    clear glue—so clear you can see right through!    4” sticks—great for quick projects  SPECS:    Designed with AdTech’s Pro80 and HiTemp Full Size glue guns in mind   Works on wood, metal, synthetic materials—just about any medium you’ll use for everyday DIY projects! 50 standard round glue sticks for low, glass, high and dual temperature glue guns.
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Lorenz Novelties - Punch balloons made of latex with rubber band handle. A colorful assortment of 12 superhero themed punch balloons. What's in the pack- an ideal assortment of 12 of the most popular and sought-after superhero masks, batman pink, wonder woman, spiderman, Superman red, Pink, Green, and Green lantern. Also includes 12 superhero themed punch balloons in colors Rd, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple.
You will never have to worry about fit or comfort ever again! Perfect fit for children aged 3+ years old. Good choice for your kid’s masquerade birthday party, Halloween dress up theme party and more. Including: red, robin, including: iron man, Flash, Superman blue, Blue, Hulk, Captain America, and Purple.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Lifetime warranty- love them or we'll buy them back from you, no questions asked! Our strong, thick, durable, nontoxic, heavy duty party balloons are made with high quality natural latex and are safe to be used for children. The ideal fit- we understand how annoying it can be to have a mask not fit correctly! So, we took the time to design a mask with an adjustable strap that fits ideally so the children will be comfortable at their special event.
Your perfect party favor- our superhero masks and punch balloons are perfect for any special event! We can only imagine how much fun and excitement these party favors will add to your event. Our quality- our masks are made from high quality felt material that are safe, and soft to the touch. The package includes 12 superhero masks including iron man, Captain America, Superman red, Spiderman, Batman Pink, Superman blue, Wonder woman, Flash, Robin, Batmanblack, Hulk, and Green lantern.
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Oline Steamer for Clothes - Fast & Powerful Heat-Up Garment Steamer, Handheld - Clothes Wrinkle Remover - Portable Clothes Steamer Office & Clothes Wrinkle Remover
Oline Naturals - Overheating and low power protection. Lightweight and compact, works on different types of fabrics. Remove wrinkles from suits, pants, even delicates, and beddings, dresses, just with a steamful breeze. Its size and light weight makes it a perfect travel companion even for carry on luggage. Easy to operate. It is great for those last minutes clothing emergencies, saving you time and money on unnecessarily dry cleaning.
Use it on satin, linen, cotton, and more! wrinkle no more - oline handheld garment steamer de-wrinkles with steam that penetrates to smooth out wrinkles on garments and is more versatile than a flat iron! The Oline Steamer removes wrinkles on any fabric at any moment for all fabrics - this powerful clothes steamer is highly effective for all kinds of garment, nylon blends, wool, sequins, beads, embroidery, gently treating all fabrics.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Gentle on fabrics - It is safe to use, and gentle on even the most delicate fabrics. Make this garment steamer part of your accessory set. Just the perfect birthday, mother's day or christmas present; everybody needs one Satisfaction guaranteed- spotless results guaranteed! 12 months warranty and an amazing customer service at your order to provide fast, efficient and professional support.
Look no more for rusty and inefficient borrowed irons at your travel destinations. Lightweight and easy to use - water storage capacity of 100ml along with an easy to fill water tank for all your steaming needs QUICK HEATING - It heats up in 60 seconds and de-wrinkles any garment or fabric quickly and easily including beddings, pillow covers, linens table clothes and more.
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Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size, 4" Long x .43" Diameter, 30 Count, Clear, Pack of 1
Gorilla Glue 3033002 - Working time is dependent on amount of glue applied and temperature of glue gun. Full size sticks should be used in full size glue guns capable of dispensing 043 in diameter sticks. Diameter and mini size sticks are 027 in. 45 second extended working time. Mini size sticks should be used in mini size glue guns capable of dispensing 0
27 in diameter sticks. Incredibly tough & versatile, Gorilla hot glue sticks provide a long term hold even on hard to bond surfaces. High temp: use with high hemp guns for strong bonding: wood, glass, jewelry, and more! low temp: use with low temp guns for delicate surface materials: floral, metal, foam, plastic, fabric, and more! 2.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Test product before its intended use. Gorilla hot glue is also weather-resistant and 5x more durable, keeping your projects safe from seasonal temperature swings that can cause other glues to fail. Directions: 1. Use either low or high temp glue gun, per glue gun instructions. Click on the gorilla link at the top of this page to see other quality products from the Gorilla glue company.
Full size sticks are 044 in. Diameter.
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Utility Knife Box Cutter Retractable White KaimanⓇ Box Knife for Warehouse, Office, Home, Hobby, Crafts or Workshop Use -12 Pack Disposable Compact Razor Knife 18MM Retracting Utility Box Cutters
White Kaiman - Retract the blade only when you want it to. Box knife safety is a priority. Box cutter pack. Quality box knife with bright colors to easily find after setting down. 12 pack set box cutter utility knife with 18 mm wide extra sharp blade 18mm Wide Stainless Steel Blade Stainless steel blade holds its sharp edges longer Box Knife / Box Cutter Blade Slip Prevention keeping the blade in place while in use.
Economical 12 pack is ideal for office or warehouse use. 18mm wide stainless steel utility blade designed for sharp cutting of many household or industrial uses. Keep plenty of fresh, sharp blades on hand for your projects, warehouse or employees. These box opener Utility Knives are excellent value. Blade slip prevention w/ click technology keeping the blade in place while in use.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - White kaiman small retractable utility knife 12 pack with disposable blades. Recommended uses - cardboard, moving company, shipping and logistics Companies. Can cut carpet, diy crafts, designers, thin drywall, Warehouse, Personal Use, shipping tape, Boxes, boxes, paper, cardboard parcels and whatever else you throw at it.
These boxcutter have perforated blades to snap off when dull creating a brand new edge. Retract the blade only when you want it to white kaiman box knives multi-use for cardboard, moving boxes, interior designers, sheet rock, diy crafts, plastic sheets, arts and crafts, tape and many more option for these premium disposable Box Cutter knives ADD TO CART TODAY : 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Box cutter Exacto knife Utility knife retractable duty razor blades are lightweight and compact easily fit in pocket.
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Sandwich Bags - Snack Bags 70 Count - Food Storage Bags | Double Zipper for Improved Freshness & Protection | Perfect size for Sandwiches or Snacks in Your Lunch Bag
BolRol - Easy to re-use: yes, they're reusable sandwich bags / reusable snack bags. We make them tough so you don't have to worry about leaks from rips or tears. Simply rinse, set out to air dry and re-use again tomorrow! Feel good about choosing sustainable product! . And, they'll protect your sandwich in case another item in your lunch bag leaks!
Great size for lunch sides, such as fruit, vegetables and nuts! Purchase your 70 count box of bolrol sandwich bags today for a better lunch tomorrow! Safely protects your food: our re-closable plastic sandwich bags are easy open & easy cLOSE and the best part is they will protect your food because they are AIRTIGHT.
Zipper style sandwich baggie / snack baggie: simply slide your sandwich in then slide the DOUBLE ZIPPER TO CLOSE! Easy! Even your kids can close these small baggies without any problems. Zero-waste eco-friendly option: bolrol food storage bags are produced from sustainable processes, CLEAN & SAFE for you and your family! KEEPS ALL FOODS FRESH, from artisan breads to your favorite flavor of chips!
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - It's a no-waste option you can feel good about. At bolrol, we want to help you with your efforts to take care of your family and the Earth. We make our sandwich bags with double zippers to ensure your food stays fresh and the high-quality plastic is food-safe. Household storage organization: not just for food storage, batteries in your junk drawer and school and art supplies, such as game pieces, our handy-sized baggies are great outside of the pantry, too! Use them as reusable plastic bags for storing small items, makeup in your luggage, like crayons and those colorful pompoms.
Packing lunches is a simple way to save money and eat healthy! Instill those good self-care practices in your children so they'll always know the importance of spending wisely and healthful meal preparation with portion control.
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Bed Pillow for Sleeping - Down Alternative Medium Firm Side Sleeper Pillow, Standard Size 1 Per Pack Gusseted Pillow by Gavotte Home
Shop Bedding 6620S - Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. The fluffy outer pillow is filled with our softest feathery fibers that cradle your head and neck in blissful comfort. Highest quality construction. The extra support inner pillow is comprised of the finest fibers for utmost resilience and support. Made from the highest quality materialsThis bed pillow is filled with soft and lofty plush fiberfill to create a pillow that stays lofty and doesn't go flat.
No hassle refund, simply return them for your money back. This luxury collection down alternative pillow features a unique pillow-in-a-pillow design. The 2" gusset provides solid and additional sleep surface to increase proper neck alignment. The 2" gusset provides additional sleep surface to increase proper neck alignment.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Easy care, simply throw the pillow in the washer and dryer as needed. Luxurious comfort and support. Tumble dry low. Customer satisfaction GuaranteeWe are 100% confident in the quality of our products. The 1000 thread-count 100% cotton shell allows for the right amount of breathability, comfort and durability, for the ultimate in quality, for a luxurious sleep experience.
Firm support for side sleepersThis bed pillow has the ideal level of firmness with a 2" gusseted wall, designed for side sleepers. Easy care, machine wash and DryCleaning is a breeze, simply throw the pillow in the washer and dryer as needed.
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Mens Travel Toiletry Bag for Men | Travel Case for Toiletries Bag by Ramaka Solutions | Dopp Kit Travel Bags for Toiletries | Stain Proof Nylon Toiletry Bag for Women 10.5 X 5 X 5.5 Inches
Ramaka Solutions - High quality construction features double-sewn seams with heavy-duty thread. Measuring 105" x 5" x 5. 5", the ramaka solutions toiletry bag for men and women is roomier than standard cosmetic bags and boasts a wide top opening so you can easily identify contents. Our dopp kit shaving bag is available in your choice of black or navy blue and is suitable for home and travel use.
Mens travel toiletry bag for men size 105"l x 5"w x 5. 5"h with large main compartment offers more room for full-size mousse, hairspray and shampoo than other toiletries bags. Nylon 210 denier lining is soft to the touch and free of annoying crinkling sounds. Whether you're facing an important business presentation or want to be picture-perfect on your honeymoon, Ramaka Solutions Mens Travel Toiletry Bag holds and organizes all of your must-have personal care items for touch-ups anywhere.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - A place for everything. Made of puncture- and water-resistant nylon, its' seams are double-sewn with heavy-duty thread so you can confidently load the large main compartment with full-size health-and-beauty aids. Toiletry travel bags are available in black and navy blue. Travel bags for toiletries with 4 elasticized sleeves built into the top flap corral lip glosses, makeup compacts, moist towelettes and other small travel case accessories.
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Folding Knife - Grand Way 5292 - EDC Pocket Knife - Best Utility Pocket Knife for Urban and Hiking Use - Outdoor Fold Knifes Classic Stainless Steel Folder with Rubber Handle
GRAND WAY - To close the knife, push down on the exposed part of the spine usually found in the middle or rear of the handle to pop up the part of the spine in contact with the blade. The best gear for Camping and Hiking. Sharpest out of the box stainless steel blade - excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance.
This folding knife combines a modern technical design and time tested functionality. The blade is mirror polished and has a nail mark for the easy opening. Surface: mirror polish material: metal, 06" handle length: 115ММ 4, 15" type: folding blade width: 27ММ 1, 53" overall length: 195ММ 7, 1" blade length: 80ММ 3, 4mm 0, rubberized plastic steel mark: 420 blade thickness: 2, 68" weight: 130g 4, 58oz pocket knife for men with folding blade and a lanyard hole for everyday carry has a back-lock which prevents unexpected closure.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Ergonomic metal handle covered with black textured rubberized plastic on both sides for comfortable travel. Every man will be so happy to receive pocket knives. Grandway 5292 is a folding classic straight blade knife made of high quality stainless steel. Could be the best boy scout knife in your camp. This lightweight utility mini folder has a modern design.
This small folding knife is equipped with a nail mark for easy opening. Folding pocket knife for hunting, Military, EDC and Work, Survival, outdoor & diy Activities, Self Defense.
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MABUA No Show Socks Men Women Cotton liner 7 Pairs Sizes 8-12 with 12" X 12" Laundry Mesh Bag
0043 - Do not iron. Remember this is a no show socks, it is designed to be as low as possible and our Brand does just that, if it slips off, there is something you are doing wrong. Fits sizes 8 - 12 uniquely designed with a silicone PATCH at the heel. Please adjust the socks and our socks will comply. Experience the ultimate feel of combed cotton in No show socks.
We guarantee to the best no show socks and if that is not met please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever it takes to get you the best no show socks. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Mabua breathable no show socks is the Finest and well vented No Show Socks on the market. Hugs your feet & won't slip off.
Professional, Dual Temperature, Heavy Duty Glue Gun for Small Hands Not a Mini - Ideal for Small Home Repairs & DIY Projects - HOT Glue Gun - Safety Certified for The USA - Beautiful no show/Non-Binding Socks by Mabua. High quality combed fabric that absorbs perspiration, For lasting results, Non-slip silicone at heel, Knitted mesh for breathability, air to dry, Logo is woven on the front, comfortable fit, Protects your toes from irritation, Machine wash. Try it and you will be dreaming MABUA no show socks this those shoes.
If you are looking for a true no show socks that keeps those peds dry and cool, you have come to the right place. Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low.
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