Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857

Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857
Marshalltownson 11000002 - Ideal size for small projects or in the classroom. Even with the lid closed paint will stay workable for days or even weeks. Unique sponge and palette paper combine to keep paint moist. Measures 8. 5 x 7 x1 inches. Masterson sta-wet handy Palette The sta-wet handy Palette is a unique system for water-based paint.
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Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette pack of 30 handy palette acrylic paper 8 1/2 in. x 7 in.,White
Masterson 11000003 - Use with the sta-Wet Handy Palette by Masterson. Keeps acrylics and water soluble paints moist. A wet sponge and special permeable palette paper provide the paint with a constant source of moisture. You can mix paints on the wet paper without tearing it. Paints stay fresh for hours - days and even weeks. Once the lid is closed, the paints will stay in workable condition for days, even weeks.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Paints will not dry out! Simply soak the palette in water until it is fully saturated. Saturate the sponge and place it in the tray. Masterson's patented process keeps acrylics and other water-based paints moist on the open palette for hours. No more wasted paint. The paints will slowly absorb moisture as needed without changing the consistency or color value.
Lay the palette paper on top of the sponge, wipe off excess water from the paper, and put your paints on the wet paper. Includes 30 refill sheets.
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8 oz Bottle - Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss
Pro-Art 37205 - Golden-acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss. Made in USA. Extends the working time of acrylic paint. This package contains 8 ounces if acrylic glazing liquid gloss. Acrylic medium is used to extend the working time of acrylic paints. Conforms to aSTM D4236.
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Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle
GAMES WORKSHOP - If features a spring-loaded clamp mechanism, which locks tightly onto 25mm, 32mm and 40mm round bases, as well as fitting 60x35mm oval bases. Making it much, much easier to hold your miniatures securely while painting them, allowing you to find the perfect angle with which to access the fiddly bits while avoiding the inevitable hand cramps that come when holding a base for a long time, the Citadel Painting handle has been designed for painters, by painters.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Grasping the sturdy plastic handle rather than the base or miniature youre painting means fewer smudgey mistakes from careless fingers and will help you improve your painting all round! Making it much, the Citadel Painting handle has been designed for painters, allowing you to find the perfect angle with which to access the fiddly bits while avoiding the inevitable hand cramps that come when holding a base for a long time, much easier to hold your miniatures securely while painting them, by painters.
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Saral Transfer Tracing Paper -Wax Free ~Big 12 Foot Long Roll ~Graphite
SARAL - You will receive 1 saral wax free transfer Paper - Graphite - 12 foot x 12. 5 inch Roll. Non-photographic; ideal for key lines, mechanicals, and paste-ups. For tracing or transferring designs to surfaces to be painted, carved, stitched, etc. May be used with acetate overlays, ceramic, fabric, fine art, stained glass, plastics, metal, scrapbooking, tole paintings, canvas, watercolor, enamel, wood, architecture, cloth, and more.
All saral transfer papers conform to aSTMD-4236 and are certified by The Art & Creative Materials Institute as non-toxic. Saral makes clean, crisp tracings that can be erased and painted over. Saral transfer paper is wax free so it gives the advantage of erasing like pencil with no smear or smudge. Saral transfer paper is wax free transfer paper also known as graphite paper or tracing paper made for general and specialized use, pattern, which allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, template or free hand to any surface.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Saral is economical and can be used again and again. It can be inked or painted over with no skipping or bleeding. It's great for: tole painting, fabric painting, quilting, dress making, watercolor painting, fine arts, commercial and graphic arts. The transfer lines can be sponged, washed out or brushed off of fabric, and a hot iron will not set them as will other tracing or transfer papers made for fabrics.
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Jerry Q Art
Jerry Q Art 12 Pcs Detail Paint Brushes, Golden Synthetic Hair, High Performance for Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor JQ-503
Jerry Q Art JQ 503 - Perfect for oil, acrylic and Watercolor. We selected the best raw materials suitable for Oil, Acrylics and Watercolor media. To better protect your brushes, keep them immersed in water when not in use, do not allow paint to harden in brush, rinse out colors thoroughly in warm water and reshape. Enjoy!!! high quality golden synthetic Hair, No Shedding, Highly Secured Ferrules Providing No Wiggling while painting.
Well designed product packaging superb for a gift to an art lover. Usable for various surfaces like canvas, ceramics, pottery, wood, paper, metal, plastics. Suitable for artists, students and hobbyists of any age. Ideal for detailing works on Canvas, Pottery, Ceramics and various surfaces. Perfect set for students, beginners and Artists.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Beautiful product packaging ideal for a gift set. Apply colors to your detail miniature works and enjoy the quality of these synthetic brushes with no shedding. Short wooden handles, Variety of 12 Brushes for Fine Details. This jerry q art paint brush Set comes with a selection of 12 brushes for your detail works.
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MMD Holdings, LLC
Vallejo Basic USA Colors Paint Set, 17ml
MMD Holdings, LLC VJ70140 - Model color has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaque. The consistency of model color allows for an extremely smooth and uniform paint film, with no trace of brushstrokes. Brand new in Factory Packaging. The water based formula of Model color has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic.
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Game Color Intro Set 16
Vallejo Paints 72299 - 17 ml Eyedropper bottle. Waterbased acrylic paints 17 ml Eyedropper bottle Non-Toxic Non-Flammable Designed for wargaming Waterbased Acrylic Paints. Designed for wargaming.
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Golden Polymer Varnish W/UVLS, 4 Oz, Satin
MACPHERSON 506652 - 100% satisfaction. Excellent product. Removable with ammonia. Not for use by children. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte. Polymer varnish with uvls ultraviolet Light Stabilizers is a waterborne acrylic polymer varnish that dries to a protective, flexible, dust resistant surface over acrylic paint. Recommended for interior use only More for the money with this high quality Product.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Health labeled HL Product. Offers premium quality at outstanding saving.
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U.S. Art Supply
U.S. Art Supply White Gesso Acrylic Medium, 500ml Tub - 16.9 Ounces Over a Pint
U.S. Art Supply AM-5032-500 - Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Smooth, extremely flexible and highly pigmented for superior coverage in one coat. Gesso is water-based but permanent and flexible after drying. Intermixable with other pigments or acrylic paints to create a range of customized colored grounds. Lightweight, non-toxic and dries to a water-resistant, non-yellowing surface.
Premium acrylic gesso is used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.
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American Easel
American Easel 11 Inch by 14 Inch by 1 5/8 Inch Deep Cradled Painting Panel
American Easel AE1114D - Smooth sanded solid wood cradle for strength; no frames needed to hang effortlessly. Smooth sanded edges allow your creation to flow beyond the face of the panel. The face of each panel is made from top quality birch and the frame is constructed of a smooth solid wood cradle frame around the back which provides a strong foundation, ensures against warping, and makes for easy hanging.
Natural finish ready to accept and primer needed but not necessary for some applications; made in USA. Manufactured from high quality poplar cradle and clear birch face. American easel's wooden panels, our alternative to the standard canvas, gives you a firm painting surface and does not allow flexing or stretching as standard canvases do.
Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 - Actual weight 1. 4 pounds. Wooden panels are quickly becoming the preferred surface for many artists. 11 inches by 14 inches by 1 5/8 inch deep cradled painting panel.
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